Disclaimer and code of conduct


Tax code of conduct

Tax code of conduct

DavidCo Limited and Arun David are committed to advising on the application of, and applying, tax legislation and regulations honestly, correctly and lawfully.

In every situation that we advise on, we will follow 3 simple rules:
  1. We will assume that the position we advise on will be fully investigated by the IRD.
  2. We will assume that full disclosure of all the relevant facts and circumstances will be required.
  3. We will ascertain and correctly apply all of the relevant tax laws and regulations.
We will require full disclosure to us of all the relevant facts and circumstances affecting anything we are asked to advise on.

We will do our best in every situation to promote proper compliance with the relevant tax laws and regulations.


The material in this website is for use by end users. It may not be presented, exhibited or passed off in any way as anyone else's work. End users may download and use the material in any way they wish to, including using the material for staff training purposes, provided that if any material is given to anyone else to use, the source of the material is acknowledged.

The views and comments of DavidCo Limited as expressed in this website, and the information provided, are merely a guide to understanding some of the issues which might be involved in the situations described. Neither DavidCo Limited nor Arun David accepts any responsibility or liability for any outcomes resulting from any course of action that is taken based on any information contained in this website. Clients of DavidCo Limited may use the information in this website under their terms of engagement with DavidCo Limited.

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