Biography and code of conduct

Arun David is the director of DavidCo Limited.
We'd like to take this opportunity to tell you about Arun David, and also give you some reasons for choosing DavidCo Limited as your tax adviser:

We are easy to get along with;
We can be relied upon to always be on the other end of the phone or email when you wish to contact us;
Arun David was a tax partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers for 15 years, is an acknowledged expert, and is as good at his work now as he ever was;
Our charge-out rates are a reflection of our value to you - not of our status in an organisation;
We have a strong sense of discipline and cooperation with clients, which has grown steadily over the years, particularly since commencing DavidCo Limited.

Now for some biographical details from Arun David:

I attended Hamilton Boys High School, and completed my first degree - a Bachelor of Social Science in Economics - at Waikato University. I began my working life teaching economics, managerial economics and financial management to accounting students at AUT. It was there I decided I liked accounting, so I enrolled as an extramural student at Massey University and completed my second degree - a Bachelor of Business Studies in Accounting and Finance - in four years while teaching full-time. Along the way I won the university prizes for Financial Accounting II and Cost and Management Accounting III.

I applied for and obtained a job as a tax consultant in what was then Coopers & Lybrand. Five years later, after a short stint working at C&L in Sydney, I became a partner. Some years later, C&L merged with Price Waterhouse and I became a partner in the merged firm.

I gained immense experience and expertise during my 15 years as a partner at PwC. I specialised in corporate and international tax advice, including due diligence and M&A with several icon clients.

My clients also included high net worth individuals and their various trusts, partnerships and other investment vehicles, as well as charitable trusts.

As a member of the specialist PwC Financial Services team, I provided tax consulting and tax accounting advice to a number of financial services clients. In the funds management field, my clients have included several managed funds and employer superannuation funds.

I was head of the PwC Audit of Tax team from 2003 to 2007, a time of huge change in reporting standards in New Zealand as the New Zealand equivalents to the IFRS standards were being established. I provided specialist tax accounting advice to several major audit clients.

My PwC internal responsibilities included being head of Tax Training in New Zealand for 12 years from 1994 to 2006 and head of Tax Risk Management for 6 years from 2002 to 2007.

I thoroughly enjoyed my 20 years at C&L and PwC working with such a large group of colleagues and clients. Following that, I have commenced in business on my own as a tax practitioner.

I have been married twice and have four daughters whom I enjoy spending time with. I have a passion for my work and it is what gets me out of bed early every morning.

I recently read an article about the current trend for older people to want to stay young and fit. In my view a key difference between young and old is the way in which preconceived notions affect your perception. It is the difference between a beginner's mind and a know-it-all. The great thing about working as a tax practitioner is that 9 times out of 10 pre-conceived notions are a hindrance, because of the changes that continuously take place. I dare say it keeps you young!

Another main difference between young and old is the rate at which one learns new things. I have always had a passion for learning and I've learned from all of the circumstances and scenarios I have encountered, including the intensity of my professional career so far, and my marriages and children. Continuous learning is not a hobby for me, it is the main focus of my life. Consequently I feel very lucky indeed that my chosen field of work involves an extent of learning that could easily fill several lifetimes.

In life it is ultimately only people who matter, and it is everyday life working with people, meeting new people and communicating with them, and spending time with family and friends that is the true essence of life for me.

My goals in my working life are:
  • to be useful to my colleagues, my clients, and my community, by being as knowledgeable and efficient at my work as I can be, and by employing a cooperative, rather than a self-centred or domineering, approach;
  • to engage with, and enjoy the company of, people I know and new people whom I meet, because it is an aspect of my work that I truly enjoy.
We can help with all of your company, property, trustee, and individual income tax and GST needs, including helping you to make sure that:
  1. Tax returns are correct and that the tax paid is the minimum required;
  2. The structure is completely tax efficient;
  3. Transactions are structured in the most tax efficient way;
  4. Specialist areas are correctly dealt with: sale and purchase transactions, funding, private equity investments, FIF and CFC investments, LTCs and limited partnerships, and anti-avoidance implications;
  5. There are no GST problems, especially with apportionment and land transactions, and input tax deductions are maximised;
  6. Tax investigations are handled in the best possible way, with the best possible results.
If you're reading this and you reside in the greater Auckland area I sincerely hope I get the opportunity to meet you face-to-face before too long.
Arun David
Director, DavidCo Limited
Tax code of conduct

DavidCo Limited and Arun David are committed to advising on the application of, and applying, tax legislation and regulations honestly, correctly and lawfully, at the minimum tax cost to our clients.

In every situation that we advise on, we will follow 3 simple rules:
  1. We will assume that the position we advise on will be fully investigated by the IRD.
  2. We will assume that full disclosure of all the relevant facts and circumstances will be required.
  3. We will ascertain and correctly apply all of the relevant tax laws and regulations.
We will require full disclosure to us of all the relevant facts and circumstances affecting anything we are asked to advise on.

We will do our best in every situation to ensure proper compliance with the relevant tax laws and regulations at a minimum tax cost to our clients.

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